Docu Books – Best of Documentary & Street Photography

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Docu Books – Best of Documentary & Street Photography

Docu Magazine
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πŸ“š A Private Ebook Library For Documentary And Street Photographers.

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"I really enjoyed reading the interviews and watching the photos that came with it, in a kind of refreshing way!"


"No matter how much experience you have already gained, you are never the "finished professional photographer", you always learn something new. You can always evolve or change your style or discover something new."


”A couple of the free pdfs were very useful for me, for example the one about how to manage IG presence and participate to exhibitions/publications. Thanks to that pdf, now I have had my photos exhibited & published :)”


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  • Based on our data: 35% of our readers are professional photographers and 65% are amateur photographers.

  • This will open new doors for you: new connections, new collaborations, new ideas, networking...

  • Study the compositions, the colors, the light and the emotions in every photograph.

  • Read the interviews of the photographer to understand how they think. Test their ideas in your photography – and see what happens...

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  • Ethics of Photographing a Protest (.PDF)

  • Ethics of Photographing Homeless People (.PDF)

  • From Snapshot Taker to Professional – How To Become a Freelance Photographer (.PDF)

  • Street Photography 101 – Do you need permission to take photos on the street? (.PDF)

  • Flickr for Street Photographers – A Beginner’s Guide (.PDF)

  • How a Street Photographer Can Become a Brand Ambassador – Tips and Strategies for Success (.PDF)

  • How Street Photographers Make Money? (.PDF)

  • How To Build a Strong Portfolio as a Street Photographer? (.PDF)

  • How To Edit Street Photography – Avoid The Most Common Mistake (.PDF)

  • How To Get Started in Street Photography? (.PDF)

  • Shooting Street Photography at Night Time – Learning the Magic of Night Time Street Scenes (.PDF)

  • Shooting Street Photography With an iPhone (.PDF)

  • Documentary And Street Photography Magazines (.PDF)

  • Street Photography as a Project – Tips for Turning Your Shots into a Cohesive Project (.PDF)

  • Street Photography VS. Documentary photography (.PDF)

  • Street Photography VS. Photojournalism (.PDF)

  • Shooting Street Photography with Film – The Timeless Appeal of Analog Photography (.PDF)

  • Street Photography: Night Settings (.PDF)

  • What Defines Street Photography – An In-Depth Look at the Genre (.PDF)

  • What Is The Best Camera For Street Photography? (.PDF)

  • What Makes a Perfect Street Photo – Learn The 7 Essential Ingredients (.PDF)

  • How Street Photography Became a Pop Culture Phenomenon? (.PDF)

  • Why My Street Photos Are Not Sharp? (.PDF)

  • 5 Common Mistakes Street Photographers Make (.PDF)

  • 14 Locations For Street Photographers (.PDF)

  • 35mm Lens For Street Photographers (.PDF)

  • 23 Tips And Tricks For Street Photographers (.PDF)

  • 50mm Lens For Street Photographers (.PDF)

  • 85mm Lens For Street Photographers (.PDF)

  • Composition In Street Photography (.PDF)

  • Different Street Photography Types? (.PDF)

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Docu Book: Vol 1 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
88 pages
Docu Book: Vol 2 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
262 pages
Docu Book: Vol 3 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
262 pages
Docu Book: Vol 4 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
335 pages
Docu Book: Vol 5 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
187 pages
Docu Book: Vol 6 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
102 pages
Docu Book: Vol 7 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
336 pages
Docu Book: Vol 8 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
321 pages
Docu Book: Vol 9 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography (.PDF)
464 pages
On Photography: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read. (.PDF)
13 pages
Self-Publish A Photobook: A Practical Step By Step Guide From Start To Finish. (.PDF)
23 pages
Visual Storytelling Checklist For Documentary Photographers: How To Improve Your Storytelling Skills. (.PDF)
82 pages
Networking Checklist: How To Build Your Network With Docu Books?
2 pages
Project Blueprint: Step By Step Guide – How To Create A Powerful Documentary Photography Project From Start To Finish. (.PDF)
1 page
How To Sell Prints Online: Automate Everything And Earn Money While You Sleep. (.PDF).
17 pages
How To Turn Problems Into Solutions: Learn How Documentary Photographers Turned Painful Problems Into Brilliant Solutions (.PDF)
50 pages
Ways of Seeing: A Book Summary Every Photography Student Should Read (.PDF)
11 pages
31 Educational Guides For Street Photographers
113 pages in total
Career Blueprint: Travel The World And Earn A Steady Income As A Documentary Photographer. (.PDF).
43 pages


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