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• Docu Ebook Library is a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of interviews and remarkable images from interesting photographers.

• For researchers, it's an excellent resource, providing access to a wide variety of photographer interviews and insights into their creative work. Additionally, it offers a historical lens, allowing us to track the evolution of street and documentary photography over time.

• For photographers and enthusiasts alike, it serves as a source of inspiration, a place to learn, and as a tool for networking and collaborating.

We also collaborate with international photo festivals and other institutions within the industry.

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"As a platform, I feel it can help, encourage, motivate, educate and also maybe, build careers. I am glad I have come across this site and I hope to keep growing creatively."


”The ebooks are great to discover work of fellow contemporary photographers and build connections and collaborations. I'm happy to be a part of this community and thank you for all that you're doing! Keep up the good work!”


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What You'll Find Inside The Ebook Library:

Docu Book Vol 50: 252 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 49: 452 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 48: 301 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 47: 362 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 46: 419 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 45: 301 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 44: 544 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 43: 525 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 42: 442 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 41: 421 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 40: 591 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 39: 538 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 38: 460 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 37: 395 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 36: 498 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 35: 557 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 34: 499 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 33: 499 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 32: 474 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 31: 402 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 30: 342 pages (PDF)

Docu Book Vol 29: 433 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 28: 508 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 27: 496 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 26: 458 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 25: 404 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 24: 204 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 23: 226 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 22: 455 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 21: 427 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 20: 455 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 19: 514 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 18: 574 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 17: 540 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 16: 582 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 15: 519 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 14: 455 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 13: 530 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 12: 492 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 11: 691 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 10: 565 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 9: 466 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 8: 323 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 7: 338 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 6: 104 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 5: 189 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 4: 337 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 3: 267 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 2: 264 pages (PDF).

Docu Book Vol 1: 90 pages (PDF).

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Docu Ebook Library is a global educational hub for photographers, also serving as a digital archive for researchers.

It's a platform designed for learning, and networking.

As a digital archive it ensures that valuable content is not lost but carefully cataloged for the future.

What if you don't know if you will enjoy the ebook library or not?

  • There's only one way to find out – give it a try.

  • We think it's a great platform for learning and making new connections.

  • Also, thanks to ebook sales, we can continue producing a high-quality print magazine without aiming for profits. Additionally, we can host open calls without any entry fees.

... But is our approach the absolute best in the world?

It's impossible to say... We respect everyone's opinion, and the only way to find out is by trying it for yourself.

If you find it's not the right fit, no worries – you can request a refund. Our goal is to ensure you have nothing to lose in this situation.

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Docu Books – Best of Documentary & Street Photography

259 ratings
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