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Docu Academy

Docu Magazine
28 ratings

This Is Docu Academy: Learn how to create a documentary photography project from start to finish + get an assignment after every video.

"I find the Docu Academy to be a great resource for inspiration and community. Each photographer's project or story gives an interesting insight into their thought process and photographic approach."


"I have always found it a bit hard to be consistent, but having a blueprint and listening to other creatives explain their background, creative process and approach to a new project has been doing wonders for my planning and photography!"


"Watching the Docu Academy videos has been very helpful. As a street photographer usually I go outside in the city and take photographs of everyday life, without a project in my mind. Reading the assignments at the end of each video made me think that maybe I need to organize better my shooting time."


📸 No more random photos!

✔️ Organize your photography, make a plan – and create a body of work like a professional photographer.

In Docu Academy, 30 photographers are going to show you how they created their projects...

  • They will tell you what kind of problems they experienced...

  • They will tell you exactly how they solved those problems...

  • And they will tell you how you can create a similar project of your own.

Would this be helpful for you?

✅ It's easy after you have seen how others do it...

You will create your own "book of secrets". This will be something you should always carry in your camera bag, always, no excuses. 📝

Get tons of practical knowledge that you can use in your photography. Learn how others did it, and apply to your photography.

You can also network and collaborate with photographers from all around the world.

  • Watch all videos whenever you want to.
  • 30 videos.
  • 30 photographers.
  • 30 assignments.

Let's get started!

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