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This Is Docu Academy: Learn how to create a documentary photography project from start to finish.

Watch the video ☝️ on top of this page to see what is inside Docu Academy.

In Docu Academy, 30 photographers are going to explain in great detail how they created their projects...

They will tell you what kind of problems they experienced...

They will tell you exactly how they solved those problems...

And they will tell you how you can create a similar project.

These videos will give you a personal snapshot into the photo world – what it's really like to work with documentary photography projects. Step-by-step information.

Would this be helpful for you?

You will create your own "book of secrets". This will be something you should always carry in your camera bag, always, no excuses.

Get tons of practical knowledge that you can use in your photography. Learn how others did it, and apply to your photography.

You can also network and collaborate with photographers from all around the world.

  • No monthly fees, no yearly fees – just one time single payment to enter the online academy.
  • 30 videos.
  • 30 photographers.
  • 30 assignments.

Let's get started!
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